art    1977

 1977 wall

1977 is when punk really happened for me. this work is from right around then, music, art and fashion.

fashion, art and music from ‘the punk moment’ 1977


all of the works in the picture are in the offer with one exception:

here is a list of what is in the picture: green ‘army man’ wallpaper of various sizes cover the entire wall. mounted on it from lower left: spraypaint stencilled star like below, blue diamond which is part of a story involving Sherrie Levine, another star, 4 superimposed cut out stars on paper, used as decoration in I’M WITH STUPID performance at the kitchen nov 1977, small horse cut out of newspaper, angel gouche on watercolor paper, five black shooting army men, VICTORY IS OURS poster (acrylic paint on cardboard), ARE YOU FEARLESS/MAYBE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE 45 rpm of 2 45 second songs from  I’M WITH STUPID, photo of Parick O’Connell modeling spray painted star t-shirt, blue horses stencilled spraypaint on paper, single horse, stencil cleaning on drafting paper, white shirt with gray horses, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS acrylic on cardboard poster poster will be substituted for the hand lettered one in the picture, which is owned by tom otterness.