the day the government would have run out of borrowing power (2009 or 10?)


Imagine the yin/yang diagram is a three dimensional object like a hollow ball. we are looking down on its equator and the dots are the poles. Maybe it is a schematic of how ‘reality’ really looks -an oscillation between the states of yin and yang. Now imagine the black spot is a black hole and you jump into an all black world with a tiny spot of white which when you jump thru that you’re back in the all white world with a black spot.

Now imagine this big hollow 3D yinyang globe is gushing black paint into the white world from its black spot and will eventually cover it in black except for a tiny white hole that, at its smallest point starts gushing white and all of the black color then disappears down the black spot until there’s only white, and back and forth. A better metaphor for the oscillating sine wave of any dialectic would be hard to manufacture. Like two dogs chasing each other’s tails does this oscillation, vibration, sound, light create the illusion of ‘reality’? We might be able to construct another dynamic model which would have one continuous flow of paint (change) as opposed to back and forth.

And what the heck makes solidity? We know that the actual mass of an atom is infinitesimal and could in no way feel like a big heavy object taken on its own. It must be the speed at which its electrons are flying plus some mysterious atomic powers. We know, then, intellectually that material reality must be 99.99999% emptiness so the rest must be a very clever illusion indeed. And that does not begin to account for the unknowable 96% of the universe of everything that scientists tell us exists without doubt.

Or if we see the white side as light and the black as shadow we get the perfect metaphor for the spiritual path. When lost in the darkness seek the light. Live in the light and don’t fall into the black hole of forgetting by getting stuck in form, thus the doctrine of non-attachment. Is this what enlightenment means? To live in the light? The Yang?

But what about sweetness? Yoni worship finds the practitioner in the dark world seeking the light thru the spot, metaphorically the Goddess Yoni who is the source of light because her womb, accessible thru the yoni is a world of light.

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