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the mothership is a social sculpture of paul mcmahon, who is working to save the world, woodstock, and himself, not necessarily in that order. it is also to be seen as an art work. mcmahon wears many hats and his studio at 6 hillcrest ave does too. it is an ‘everything center for changing times’ and might do anything, depending on everything.
objectives: to support and present creativity, spirituality, fun, dealing with it, common sense, ancient wisdom, healing, sustainability, humor and more.

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In 1970 I was blessed to hear a powerful and terrifying rendition of Hopi prophecy delivered by Thomas Banyacya. If you roll together the Christian apocalypse and whatever you’ve heard about 2012 you might get a fair bit of resonance with the Hopi version Thomas spoke. I was 20 at the time and the most popular course at college then was Ecology, closely followed by black and women’s (not quite queer yet) studies. We were concerned with the fate of humanity in the light of the predictable ramifications of overpopulation, pollution and the end of oil. We were committed to social justice and bringing the underclass out of oppression and I didn’t think humanity would make it to the year 2000.

In the 90s I heard Orval Lookinghorse, Pipekeeper of the Lakota Sioux speak of the ‘disease of the mind’ currently afflicting the nation. Since 2000 the apparent disconnect between ‘official reality’ and observable reality and particularly the disconnect between what this group and that group take to be real is just breaking out all over.

I blame myself. In 1993, after darshan with Sri Sri Bhagavan Das at the Vedantic Light Center the Goddess spoke inside my head and told me I am King of the Universe. I had a hard time coping with the thought but you never want to contradict the Goddess, so I’ve been thinking about it these 18 years. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is possible that a good part of the universe I perceive may be the result of my own thoughts of the past manifesting as present reality. Or perhaps it’s ‘our’ collective beliefs which are making our world. Maybe everything is ‘made of’ pure awareness.

I’ve been blessed with a WIDE variety of teachings and experiences, initiations, transmissions and just plain gifts from the Universe. I am a far happier person than the one I was when I first came to live in Woodstock in 1990. I have many people to thank -please all feel thanked. thanks.

I would like to share my vision for a redeemed self/community/world/universe starting from the inside out. Everything is contagious, especially joy. In my view innocence is retrievable. The heart naturally seeks to remove encumbrances. The plague of our moment is not ADD but IDD, Intention Deficit Disorder.

It is unwise not to save the world because destroying it pays better.

Woodstock is a small enough town with a big enough history and talent pool that it strikes me as possible to advance and develop an ethic of cooperation on a number of levels. There are pockets of such activity already.

Community weaving as the new social sculpture. Creativity is key in a time of unprecedented change like the one we are in. Creativity is multigenerational and Woodstock has a lot of multigenerational creative families.

I am interested in engaging others in strategies of wealth production and an overall goal of a world essentially without the need for very much money. Self-sufficiency in food, green energy and housing; is it possible? Why not try?

Welcome to Woodstock. Grow a Heart. You’ll be glad you did!

Specific projects I am proposing include:

All Woodstock Musicians: an ongoing project to link and aggregate all Woodstock musicians in one place is beginning with the first step: The Woodstock Library invites all Woodstock musicians to donate 2 copies of any and every recording for an all Woodstock Music shelf. One reference copy is for listening inside the library and the other is for taking out. And if you have some of (other) Woodstock musicians, you can probably get a tax break on the donation. I’m just sayin…

Beginners Mined; Any and all artists invited to bring their work to hang starting at 4 for a show which opens at 6 and closes at 8 when the work all goes home.

Preventative Medicine Goldmine Windfall for massage therapists, state budgets and overworked funeral parlorists:

Development of a coordinated effort to make regular massages available at low or no cost for everyone who wants one. It is speculated that a massage once every week or two keeps one healthy because it tends to bridge the rift between head and body. Since the heart is that bridge, massage soothes the soul. The heart is our word for the core, le couer, the center of the seven dimensions of ‘me’. It knows itself as eternal bliss and does not fear death, hence ‘courage’ or as we call it heartage, taking heart. Massage is ‘heart’ medicine.

Woodstock WTF? Well what is a Woodstock? Why this and why that if this is actually Woodstock? What was the 60s about? What are we doing here? Did we miss the last flight out on the Mothership?

Woodstock Hysterical Society (all rights reserved):
Historians! Chronicle the 60s while the first responders are still compos mentis.

Foretold in the prophecies of the native people, including the Hopi: There would come a time when the children of the invaders would grow their hair long and wear beads and have a name that sounded like Hopi (Hippie). They would be the friends of the ‘Indians’. Their prophecies give a warning of many calamities to befall our world if we do not stop warring and begin to live in good relation with the living earth and/or if we purify ourselves from within.

The children of the 60s were all about purification from within by way of altered mind states, which came from Eastern thought and psychoactive drugs, the development of each of which is a fascinating historical trail no doubt. People who were present at a Native American Church type of tent ceremony organized by Al Grossman can and should be called upon to give eyewitness accounts of what happened there. What was it like? What did the locals think? Who was the first one back from India? If you look at the newspapers from that era you see Hopi prophecy, native wisdom and Indian meditation and yoga practices.

This historical research can be funded by the money from scriptwriting all the ‘cops vs. freaks’ stories that really happened! the Dukes of Saugerties

Social Justice was the meat of young minds who witnessed the assassination of our president and the hatred poured upon the non-violent campaign of Dr. King. We saw the burning of Watts, the burning of Detroit and the burning of Vietnamese monks. Later we watched Fox and MSNBC ‘Ramp Up to War’ complete with corporate sponsorship and a million made in China flag waivers. We also saw and many participated in the largest co-ordinated worldwide outpouring of peaceful anti-war sentiment in the history of history.

It is said we Hippies, Peaceniks, Coloreds, Gays and Women lost the war of the 60s. The Reagan backlash still holds sway in 9 to 5 corporate hegemony/stock market/news cycle. But I say ‘not so fast’. There’s a reason Woodstock is the most famous small town on Earth and that reason is the natural fact of being a human and longing for peace, love and music. It’s time for a reassessment of the 60s; humanity’s psychic ‘great leap forward’ into the birthing of a new Age of Enlightenment or only the hopelessly naive pipedreams of drug addled losers? If the ‘US” had followed the Hippies advice; alternative (non-polluting) energy, no more war, an end to discrimination, legalization of ‘victimless crime’, etc etc, I submit that the big problems staring us in the face now would likely not have been there. There might be other problems, unintended consequences, but karmic law of cause and effect dictates that actions undertaken for dishonest and selfish purposes will reap negative unintended consequences like the Bush wars see, whereas actions undertaken with a good intention will be likely to have unforeseen positive consequences. If you want good karma give more than you get. And enjoy yourself.