NOV 26-DEC 23

PRE-OCCUPIED implies what came before and/or OWS as OCD. I have a bunch of stuff all basically hoping to spread the ‘Grow a Heart’ and ‘Grow a Heart Why Doncha?’ messages that are so important these days. STATEMENT below.

Finally made it to Zucotti Park and what I saw there pleased me no end. The millenials, although you don’t hear it, may be thinking that decisions made today will shape their future in potentially extinctifying ways and they’d better the hell start effixing things right? So they are trying to figure out who to blame for this mess and how to remedy the current imbalances cuz right now big everything is allegedly apparently on the fast track to doom, gloom and oblivion.

It was like a big, amorphous, progressive thought cloud there. There were assorted single issue types and one of the very first ever face to face reasoned conversations among multiple parties about political issues I’ve heard this millenium. If you ask me, most of the people there realize the pendulum has swung too far but haven’t really been paying much attention to what’s been going on til recently. They know the income gap is spiralling out of control driven by the very perps who are illegally foreclosing on their mortgages and getting their kids blown up in Whogivesastan.

The millenials woke up for long enough to get Obama elected. It was exciting and fun. But then they went back to classes or whatever and were not around to go door to door to rally support for single payer health care, or for a bigger stimulus for green energy as a full-employmrny loan to be repaid in full by energy coming in  from sustainable sources. Nor did they notice when McConnell, Boehner and Cantor behaved unspeakably badly. You hear millenials blaming ‘the government’ for everything getting messed up because that’s how the bought media portrays it.

But they are here now and they are disappointed in Obama and who can blame them, because Obama must be disappointed in them too. But he is a very patient person and a lucky one too. In reality it’s the Republicans fighting tooth and nail to keep Obama’s good ideas from being implemented. They are at war against Obama and the people of this country but the millennials haven’t quite put it together yet, and some blame Obama for not doing what it was impossible for him to do, as long as they were not part of the process.

The reason Occupy Wall Street has been able to flourish is the Obama presidency. Under Bush it would not have come close to being tolerated. How quickly we forget the alleged mini-Guantanamo built on one of the city’s docks, likely by some private  prison-for-profit corporation complete with accordion razor wire and very bright lights. That was where protestors of the 2004 Republican convention were allegedly taken I heard somewhere. Didn’t get much news coverage.

The beauty of the Occupy Wall Street/American Spring so far is that Obama has said he welcomes the dialog. This is where the crux of the reclamation of democracy lies. There is a great imbalance and just talking about it is powerful. The facts of common sense observation and measurement have been denied from 2001-2008 at the highest political levels of this nation with most of the rest of the world more or less in tow. For the first time in my knowledge the US Executive did not consider facts (science) important. Nor honesty. When asked about why there was so much talk about Weapons of Mass Destruction that turned out to be false Paul Wolfowitz said, “Oh that was just political talk.” Hold that up next to Obama and see which one passes the sniff test.

As Bush begat Obama so hath the Tea Party begat OWS. The pendulum swings. Obama is an intelligent man and the strategy of leading from behind is correct. Political thought is two dimensional. Decisions are made irrationally, based on everything and couched in terms of a popularity contest. Anyone in the business of running a country knows you must play with what is real and what can be done given all of the givens. So Obama wants concensus to emerge organically as a good leader. The act of opening discussion about what in fact is good for the future of the country and world is key to humanity’s shared survival and prosperity.

No one blames the criminality of the previous regime nor moves to hold them accountable. They have all the guns? Is that why? And they’re not afraid to use them? And of course they’re still here. Rove is still walking around after allegedly stealing two presidential elections. Looks to me that the Republicans are removing as many Democratic voters from the rolls as they can in many states and there’s a palpable chance that they will try to steal the rest of what they need to get back in the driver’s seat. I think the only rational explanation is that they are Martians. Or perhaps Jerry Brown’s remarkable idea from the 80s is correct: that money itself makes the rules and, like water, behaves amorally. Or perhaps people just have radically differing views on what’s important. One man’s GMO criminal is another man’s productivity miracle, at least potentially.

There was a time when a former partner was relatively wealthy and had some money to invest. Her deal was to invest it where it would make enough return for her to live without working. The problem is that there’s a disconnect between how the highest interest rates can be achieved and the moral compass of the investor. To get the return the profit may be coming from the destruction of the last wild habitat of the orangutan but she doesn’t know that. We’re paying our internet bills with orangutan fingers. Everything is connected. This is the essence of indigenous wisdom. That and the importance of gratitude. That is why today, my religion is kindness. Oneness. As Ad Reinhart wrote in Timeless in Asia (, “There is only one thing”. Therefore it makes sense for It to be nice to It.

Americans consume six times more of the earth’s resources than the average earthling. Is that fair? American Exceptionalism is supposed to justify this. We’re worth it because we are just cooler, or had cooler forefathers. Or what? The result is a Narcissistic allergy to self-examination afflicting the emotional body politic. We refuse to have a serious discussion about reducing our wastefulness. Number One at what? Pride?

Now we know for sure that absolutely every keyboard stroke and every phone utterance is preserved in a virtual cloud of data and ultimately instantly retreivable by whoever rules the virtual realm. I think this is incontrovertible fact but I could be wrong. At best this is the hallmark of the New Age. The negative is loss of privacy but the positive is Oneness. From the political point of view one is hardwired to focus on the negatives. Avoiding bad results is the job of enlightened politics. Avoiding bad results is another way of saying retaining balance and sustainability. Whatever achieves that result is wisdom. The native rule of thumb is that what we do today should have a good effect on the next seven generations. Seven generations and quarterly corporate earnings do not necessarily mix. On the other hand we are a ‘trough’ or ‘spigot’ culture and if ‘they’ turn off the drip of electricity, internet, water, we’re dead. So who’s in charge of what and why?

Is OWS dangerous? The world is dangerous and I for one am grateful to the great eternal all-powerful unknowable principle of causality that has installed a good, sane and patiently loving man in the White House. We’ve got the best president we’re ever likely to get so let’s be seen and heard and give him the support he needs to fight the headwinds of a culture gone mad. Obama is our best chance for the achievement of national reconciliation, justice, wisdom and, of course, survival of homo sapiens on this beautiful blue-green planet hurtling through the dark night sky.